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What is the Fortius Network

At its core, the Fortius Network connects buyers and suppliers, collects and presents supplier information, and enables buyers to test suppliers for compliance with pre-set industry standards or their own custom requirements. However, our platform goes well beyond the core functionality you’d expect from a supplier assessment tool. Powered by our underlying technology and extensive dataset, the Fortius Network features a host of value-added services to help you better manage every aspect of your supply chain.

Over its two decades of operating history, Fortius has grown from a single supplier assessment scheme, focused on the UK construction market, to a diversified provider of supply chain risk management solutions for over 60,000 collective buyers and suppliers, operating across over a dozen end-markets and multiple geographies.

over 20 years

over 60,000 buyers & suppliers

over 12 end-markets

Connecting you

At its core, Fortius is a network of buyers and suppliers. The Fortius network connects over 1,500 active buyers (procurers of services) with over 55,000 suppliers (providers of services), who have been vetted in accordance with various industry and buyer-specific requirements. Suppliers are tested on a range of risk criteria – including financials, insurance, environmental policies, health & safety incidents, anti-bribery / corruption protections, and modern slavery policies – all of which can be customised to suit our clients’ organisation or project-specific business rules. Buyers can use our platform to search, identify and engage with our pool of ‘pre-qualified’ suppliers, knowing that the suppliers they find through us are safe to use and ready for work.

Technology and verification

Supplier assessment can quickly become a nightmare for organisations that attempt to perform it on their own, requiring expansive procurement teams and manual processes to collect and verify every piece of supplier data. Our technology and verification services can lift that burden, providing you with the assurance that every supplier you work with has been appropriately tested for compliance with the requirements that you deem essential. In a world of increasingly complex regulation and customer expectations, it’s important that you know who your suppliers are and what risks they bear. Our solutions do that for you – limiting your financial, reputational, and regulatory exposure.

Design your own management scheme

Our solutions also go well beyond basic supplier assessment functionality. We provide a range of value-added services to help your procurement team more intelligently design and manage your supply chain. With our technology platform, you can view analytics and risk-scoring on your suppliers, design and pull custom reports, issue tenders, search and sort supply chain lists, manage projects, obtain real-time notifications on supplier status, message directly with suppliers, and do much, much more. And, if you’re looking to establish your own your supplier assessment scheme, we can also provide you consultative scheme design services to get your scheme off the ground and outsourced customer support / call centre to field queries from scheme participants.

In short, Fortius is a next-generation, one-stop-shop for world-class supply chain risk management. We can be flexible to fit your supply chain needs, providing as much or as little support as you require to keep your supply chain running smoothly from behind the scenes.