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Whether you’re an individual company looking to manage your supply chain or a broader scheme provider with both buyer and supplier participants, you’ll need a team of dedicated personnel willing to field questions, aid with onboarding, and, more broadly, help your suppliers or scheme participants navigate the complexities of the supplier assessment process.

For the schemes we manage, we receive over 1,000 supplier queries daily. Your suppliers or scheme participants will also undoubtedly have questions – what they need to do to meet your supply chain requirements, what documents and information to provide, where exceptions can be granted, and likely dozens of other topics. In these cases, you need informed personnel on the other end of the phone, fielding their queries and pointing them in the right direction. This is where Fortius can step in.

We have a dedicated team of customer service specialists that can function as an outsourced call centre for your suppliers or scheme participants. Our team can help you avoid an influx of questions and circumvent the broader hassle of maintaining an in-house support team to handhold your suppliers through the assessment process. Regardless of whether you outsource other aspects of the process to us – including technology, verification, or scheme design – you can rely on our team to provide quality service to your suppliers or scheme participants and ensure they’re taking the right steps to get assessed.

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