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Scheme Design

End-to-end solution to help build and manage all aspects of your scheme.

Over our 20+ year operating history, we have helped manage and develop some of Europe’s largest supplier assessment schemes, including the UK’s pre-eminent schemes for the construction, facilities management, and rail industries. In doing so, we’ve established ourselves as a thought leader when it comes to scheme design. We know better than just about anyone else what works and what doesn’t when trying to get your scheme off the ground and are happy to lend that expertise to you.

Whether or not you choose to outsource other aspects of your supply chain risk management process to us – including technology, verification, and customer support – we can provide you invaluable consultative services to help design your scheme. Areas we can address, in close collaboration with you, include:

  • Establishing the relevant regulation your scheme should seek to adhere to
  • Formulating the perfect question sets and requirements for suppliers, across different projects and trades
  • Designing your broader technology approach, including the integration of your pre-existing third-party and in-house systems
  • Designing your data approach, including the management and consolidation of supplier data and documentation across different sources
  • Effectively recruiting buyers and suppliers to your scheme to get it up-and-running
  • Designing your approach to verifying supplier information
  • Designing your approach to customer support and troubleshooting

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