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Fortius is a leader in supplier assessment for the transport industry and delivers the emerging transport supplier assessment scheme, Cognate. If you’re a buyer in the transport industry – irrespective of whether you utilise Cognate, another supplier assessment scheme, or your own bespoke processes – Fortius has a supply chain management solution for you.

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If you do not utilise the Cognate scheme and wish to assess suppliers by your own bespoke criteria, you can leverage Fortius’ technology platform to administer your own fully customised question set to your suppliers and our verification services to assess the information suppliers provide in accordance with your criteria. You’ll still be able to access, analyse and manage all of the nearly 60,000 suppliers on our network, including those that are on our Cognate scheme. Learn more about this solution set here.

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If you do utilise Cognate, you can use our technology platform to access, analyse, and manage all of the nearly 60,000 suppliers on our network. You can also set additional custom requirements or questions  for your supply chain, as needed, and directly view supplier’s information and documentation to make your own assessments on their compliance, using self-assessment workflow tools  that are built into our “Fortius Network” software. Learn more about this solution set here.

Regardless of the approach you choose, you’ll benefit from our existing repository of supplier information, while retaining the flexibility to customise requirements, questions, or assessment approach as needed.

How Fortius works for Cognate

Cognate has been designed to help manage and monitor your supply chain efficiently and reduce risk in your business. In using the Cognate Transport Hub, suppliers will only have to fill in one questionnaire to provide their capabilities to a range of potential customers, and buyers can expect to simplify and speed up their search, validation and purchasing decision processes considerably, improving resource and cost efficiency.

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