For Individual Companies

Full supply chain risk management

If you’re an organisation with a complex or unique supply chain and find that existing supplier assessment schemes don’t work for you, Fortius offers a suite of bespoke solutions to help with your supply chain risk management process. We can tailor our solution exactly to your needs, ranging from providing a white-labelled technology platform all the way to helping you design (or redesign) your supply chain risk management process from the ground-up.

Our solutions eliminate the hassle of maintaining a large in-house procurement team and manual processes to carefully assess and analyse each piece of supplier data. Instead, with Fortius, corporations can utilise our leading technology platform to collect, view, and analyse supplier information; our verification services to assess the accuracy of supplier information; and our call centre / support team to field questions and troubleshoot with members of your supply chain. As with the supplier assessment schemes we manage, we can run all (or part) of your supply chain risk management process for you, from behind the scenes.


If you already have a supply chain risk management process in place, but just need an intuitive and effective technology platform to administer it, our Fortius Network platform offers the perfect solution.

Our next-generation Fortius Network platform covers the basic functionality you need from a supplier assessment tool – administering questions and collecting responses and information from your suppliers – while also providing a host of value-added functions around it. With our platform, you can view analytics and risk-scoring on your supply chain, design and pull custom reports, issue tenders, search and sort supply chain lists, manage projects, obtain real-time notifications on supplier status, message directly with suppliers, and do much more.

While the Fortius Network platform can collect and crunch supplier information, you will still need to decide on a verification approach. You could elect to verify the information you receive from suppliers by yourself, through your own in-house resources, or you could opt to outsource the verification process to Fortius. If you’re considering verifying with us, discover how we can help.

Platform and Verification

If you’re looking for both a technology platform to administer supply chain assessments and a reliable third-party to verify supplier information, then our bundled Platform and Verification offering is likely what you require. With this offering, you can utilise our technology platform to collect, view and analyse supplier information and our in-house verification team to assess the accuracy of supplier responses on an ongoing basis.

Our Fortius Network platform provides market-leading functionality for supply chain risk management, including risk-scoring, analytics, custom reporting, project management, tendering, managed lists, and much more. Meanwhile, our Verification Services leverage both public and private datasets, as well as the expertise of our verification team, to efficiently and accurately verify every piece of information and documentation a supplier provides.

Full Supply Chain Risk Management


If you’re looking for a partner to help build and manage all aspects of your supply chain risk management process, Fortius can provide an end-to-end solution to do just that. As part of this offering, we would provide you with:

Fortius Network

Our next-generation Fortius Network technology platform to collect, view, and analyse supplier information and to perform a range of other value-added supplier management functions


Our in-house Verification Services to efficiently and accurately assess supplier responses and information

network icon

Outsourced Customer Support to field any queries from your suppliers and help efficiently onboard them

Consultative Scheme Design

Consultative Supply Chain Risk Management Design from our in-house experts, helping you formulate the right questions to ask your suppliers, adhere to relevant regulation, and effectively recruit suppliers

Fortius would be your partner from the ground-up, handling every step of the process and ensuring that your entire supply chain management process continues to run smoothly and effectively. We have extensive experience managing supply chain risk, both on behalf of third-parties and for our own supplier assessment schemes, uniquely positioning us to provide the best possible solution for you.

When managed poorly, supplier assessment can turn into a nightmare, opening up your organisation to significant financial, reputational, and regulatory risk. Leverage our experience and suite of solutions to lift that burden, letting your organisation refocus its time and attention to the activities that matter most.