For Scheme Members

Fortius manages several supplier assessment schemes – some owned and developed by us and some run on behalf of other industry associations. Each of these schemes is hosted on and powered by our Fortius Network technology platform.

If you are a member of one of our managed schemes, or operate in an industry that one of these schemes addresses, you’ll recognise significant added benefits from using Fortius’ technology platform and verification services. You’re welcome to use our technology platform on a standalone basis, verifying supplier information elsewhere, or you can pair our market-leading technology platform with our verification services as a bundled solution.


The power of our platform

If you are already a user of one of our managed schemes, or operate within an industry that one of our schemes serves, you’ll recognise significant immediate benefits from utilising our technology platform. These include:

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Ready-to-Access Pool of Suppliers

When you purchase our platform, you will immediately gain access to the full pool of 55,000+ suppliers, most of whom are ‘pre-qualified’, across all of our schemes, including the ones most relevant to you. For example, if you’re an existing or new member of our Constructionline scheme, you’ll immediately be able to search, view, and analyse the entire pool of ‘pre-qualified’ suppliers that are already on Constructionline (not just the ones in your supply chain). And, instead of having to onboard all of your suppliers to a new supplier management portal, you’ll find that a significant portion of your supply chain is already on the portal and ready to engage with.

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The Power of the Fortius Network

You also typically won’t have to assess a new supplier from scratch when you start working with them; instead, you’ll find that any new suppliers you locate on our platform will have already completed and provided documentation for the majority of questions you’ll likely have – including questions pertaining to financial, health & safety, insurance, environmental, modern slavery, and anti-corruption/ bribery policies. If there are any custom questions or requirements of yours that the supplier has not fulfilled, you can simply ask those additional questions through the platform (learn more about custom questions and requirements here). This means that your suppliers are only answering questions they haven’t already addressed before for another buyer.

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Leading Software Functionality

In addition to these network-driven benefits, you’ll also enjoy the full functionality of our next-generation Fortius Network platform. Our technology platform covers the basic functionality you need from a supplier assessment tool – administering questions and collecting responses and information from your suppliers – while also providing a host of value-added functions wrapped around it. With our platform, you can view analytics and risk-scoring on your supply chain, design and pull custom reports, issue tenders, search and sort supply chain lists, manage projects, obtain real-time notifications on supplier status, message directly with suppliers, and do much more.

Platform & Verification

If you’re looking for both a technology platform and a reliable third-party to verify supplier information, then our bundled Platform and Verification offering is likely what you require.

With this offering, you can utilise our Fortius Network technology platform to collect, view, analyse and manage supplier information on all the nearly 60,000 suppliers across our managed schemes, including the suppliers and schemes that are most relevant to you. If you are already a user of one of our in-house schemes, or operate within an industry that one of our schemes serves, you stand to gain added benefits from utilising our technology platform. 

You can then also opt for our in-house verification services to have our expert team assess the accuracy of supplier information on an ongoing basis. Our Verification Services leverage both public and private datasets, as well as the decades-long expertise of our verification team, to quickly and accurately verify every piece of information and documentation a supplier provides.