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Why Fortius?

Flexible, customisable and easy-to-use.

The Fortius Network Platform

Fortius’ services are all powered by our next-generation SaaS software platform – The Fortius Network.

At Fortius, we strongly believe in customer-driven development. As such, our platform – developed in close collaboration with our clients – was designed to be flexible, customisable and easy-to-use, irrespective of industry, project type, or supply chain requirements.

The Fortius Network platform features a powerful pre-existing network of over 55,000 suppliers and 6,000 active buyers, resulting in over 300,000 unique buyer-supplier connections. Buyers (procurers of services) can utilise the platform to identify, analyse, and engage with suppliers (providers of services), all of whom have been vetted by our expert team in accordance with a range of industry and business-specific requirements. When you become a client on Fortius, you’ll be able to access and work with this pool of 55,000+ suppliers, most of whom are ‘pre-qualified’ on day one.

Some of the platform’s key features include:

At its core, the Fortius Network connects buyers and suppliers, collects and presents supplier information, and enables buyers to test suppliers for compliance with pre-set industry standards or their own custom requirements. However, our platform goes well beyond the core functionality you’d expect from a supplier assessment tool. Powered by our underlying technology and extensive dataset, the Fortius Network features a host of value-added services to help you better manage every aspect of your supply chain.

Power of Our Network

As a client of Fortius, you would immediately gain access to our full pool of vetted suppliers – many of which may overlap with your existing supply chain – with the ability to easily onboard further suppliers as needed. Having our pre-existing supplier network to access presents immediate benefits as you transition your supply chain management approach, such as:

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Limits the numbers of new suppliers that you would need to onboard – especially if you are utilising one of our managed schemes – since a large portion of your suppliers will likely already be on our platform

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Reduces incremental cost and redundancy for your suppliers, as they would only need to address overlapping buyer requirements once instead of multiple times

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Opens up thousands of vetted suppliers across thousands of different trades for you to search through, post opportunities to, and engage with

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Provides you valuable benchmarking on supply chain metrics across the broad cross-section of buyers and suppliers in our network






Buyer-supplier connections


Of suppliers are connected to more than one buyer

Power of Our Data

Over the course of our 20+ year operating history, Fortius has amassed an extensive dataset which enables us to provide powerful analytics that other supplier management tools – without our data and technology – simply can’t offer. These include predictive supplier risk-scoring, benchmarking of individual suppliers versus peers, broader supply-chain benchmarking, and a range of other custom analytics. Collectively, these tools help provide you with a powerful, holistic picture of the risks in your supply chain – and better position you to mitigate them.


Up-to-date supplier data points


Full financial accounts of suppliers under the companies house reporting threshold


Data points per supplier

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